Clearing Your Criminal Record

Everyone knows that a criminal record impairs your ability to compete in the job market, rent an apartment or be treated with lenience if you should be arrested again. Every defendant should use every effort to avoid any criminal conviction at the time the case is pending. Our office uses its best efforts to obtain dismissals of charges as a goal of your representation. If the case is dismissed you can petition a district court to erase your arrest under the Texas Expunction Record Statue. You may also be able to expunge the record of any Class C Offense for which you receive a deferred adjudication sentence. Our office routinely files petitions for expunction in appropriate cases and in many instances you will not even have to make another appearance in court.

If you have received a deferred adjudication in a felony or misdemeanor case, you may still be eligible to have that record sealed from your public record by requesting an Order of Non Disclosure Texas Government Code Section 411.081 from the court in which the deferred adjudication was granted. These orders prevent employers from discovering that you have been on probation. They do not eliminate a record of your arrest but can be helpful when employers or other are searching your criminal history.

If you have any concern about what is contained in your criminal record, you can do a record search of the Texas Department of Criminal Records to determine exactly what your criminal history contains.

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