Drug Or Marijuana Offenses

Being arrested for a drug charge has serious consequences. Even the most insignificant possession of marijuana conviction can ruin a person’s opportunities for work and employment. The smallest possession of cocaine or other controlled substance can result in a felony conviction that has devastating consequences. Larger controlled substance cases can be prosecuted in federal court where mandatory guideline sentencing can cause even first offenders to receive jail sentences of 5 years, 10 years or 20 years without the possibility of parole or probation.

When choosing a lawyer to represent you and your drug related charge, be sure to inquire about the experience of the lawyer in the kind of case for which you’ve been arrested. Nate Stark has represented criminal defendants in hundreds of misdemeanor, state felony and federal drug offenses. From less than one ounce of marijuana to conspiracy cases involving more than 500 thousand pounds of marijuana and in cocaine/methamphetamine cases of less than one gram to 100 kilograms of cocaine or methamphetamine. He has tried drug related cases in the Texas State courts and has tried conspiracy cases in Federal Courts in Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona and all over the State of Texas with a single defendant or as many as two hundred co-conspirators.

Each individual case is different. There may be an opportunity for evidence to be suppressed by filing the appropriate pre-trial motions. In Federal cases, sentences may be reduced based on plea bargaining that reduces the charge conduct or by insisting on the strength on the individual defendant’s case. Our office will use every legal means available to represent those charged with criminal offenses to obtain dismissal if possible, and will negotiate the best possible plea bargain only after those efforts have failed.

In some instances, an arrest for drug possession is an indication of a substance abuse problem that needs treatment. In those instances we counsel with the defendant and his family to obtain the best treatment for the drug problem. In State Felony cases, it may be possible to obtain a placement in the Drug Court Program "SHORT Program". Admission to and completion of this program has duel benefits. The Defendant receives extensive treatment for a drug problem and if the program is successfully completed, the criminal case is dismissed and may later be expunged, leaving the Defendant with no history of arrest. Our office begins each drug case with an extensive interview to determine whether legal defenses or some form of drug treatment will be appropriate.

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