Family Violence

Family Violence can be both emotionally draining and traumatic no matter what the outcome may be. It can be difficult to determine what the next step should be once the incident has occurred. Both parties are affected tremendously. At the Law Office of Nate Stark, we believe that it is imperative to secure an attorney once there is a Domestic Violence incident, in order to ensure the most effective representation. Mr. Stark understands the frailty of the situation. He will utilize his experience as both a defense lawyer for 28 years and as a Travis County Prosecutor in both misdemeanor and felony cases to direct a successful strategy for your particular case. We will take the best approach in securing your rights and in protecting the rights of your family members.


Here are some things to know when charged with Assault Family Violence:

  • When an incident is called into the police department, and an officer is dispatched, both parties are most likely going to be questioned. Both parties can be arrested.
  • Domestic Violence cases are not automatically dismissed even though a victim files a non-prosecution affidavit. Any probated sentence, either regular probation or deferred adjudication can have serious consequences for future employment, denial of housing and permanent removal of your right to possess a firearm.
  • It is imperative to consult with an attorney prior to making any statement to the police. So your attorney can advise you and ensure that you are not giving up your rights.
  • At the Law Office of Nate Stark, we believe that early intervention, immediate witness interviews and consultations with experts will guarantee the best result for your case whether by plea bargain or by jury trial.
  • Our office strives for the best outcome of your case. Our focus is to seek dismissals of every case we handle, but whether the case is dismissed, reduced, or a plea bargain contemplates some alternative sentencing, we are always ready to try the case to a jury when the facts show that the client is not guilty.
  • It is important to hire a lawyer who has lengthy experience with conflicts between family members and has tried many Assault Family Violence cases as a part of his practice. Mr. Stark has tried many Assault Family Violence cases and will negotiate his fee arrangement in these cases based on the individual facts.

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