Federal Crimes

Federal law offenses are prosecuted in the United States District Court all over the United States. They are offenses, which are violation of the FEDERAL LAWS, NOT STATE LAWS. The offenses range from large drug crimes weapons offenses, illegal entry, computer crimes and white-collar crimes.

The penalties for most federal offenses do not provide for probation and are determined by Federal Sentencing Guidelines for each offense.

Additionally, the plea bargains in federal court do not allow a prosecutor and defense lawyer to negotiate a specific sentence as they can in State courts. Trial of Federal cases does not provide the same advantages enjoyed by Defendants ins State courts. The Defendant may be detained without bond for a number of reasons, the jury selection process prohibits the defense lawyer from interviewing individual jurors to determine their prejudices, and the offenses chosen for prosecution are often the result of more extensive and professional investigations.

Mr. Stark has represented criminal defendants in a wide range of drug and other federal crimes in many jurisdictions in the United States and is completely current on the strategies for trial and negotiating plea bargains for federal offenses.

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