Jail and Release

Your first contact with the criminal justice system may be when you find yourself or a loved one in a patrol car headed to jail.

You may have been going to court with another lawyer and find that your bond has been revoked and there is a outstanding warrant for your arrest.

The first reaction is how do I get out? At the Law Office of Nate Stark, we are available 24 hours a day to get you out of jail. There are three kinds of bail bonds currently employed in Travis County and surrounding counties.

1) Personal Recognizance Bonds (PR Bonds)-

PR bonds are granted to offenders who meet certain criteria. Those are length of time in the community, contact with local family and friends, severity of the crime, prior criminal history and history of bond forfeitures. If the client does not appear for all scheduled court appearances the State will take a civil judgment against the defendant for the face value of the bond. Not all defendants qualify for PR bonds, but many offenders can increase their chances by retaining an experienced attorney. Mr. Stark’s experience of over 30 years gives him the intimate knowledge of the individual judges who approve PR bonds and give his clients the best possible chance of having their PR bonds approved.

2) Cash Deposit Bonds-

These bonds are a hybrid of PR bonds and cash bonds. If a PR bond does not provide the appropriate security in the mind of the magistrate, the judge may approve a cash deposit bond. Any person can post the total amount of cash that the court has set for his bond. If the court approves cash deposit bonds, they routinely approve 10% of the bond to be deposited in the registry of the court as additional security to guarantee the person’s appearance. If the client does not appear at any scheduled court setting, the 10% cash deposit is forfeited and the State may also take a civil judgment against the defendant for the face value of the bond. At the Law Office of Nate Stark, he routinely allow our clients to assign these cash deposit bonds as a retainer towards their legal fees, eliminating the additional expense of paying a bond fee to a surety bondsman.

3) Surety Bonds-

Surety bonds are required in higher risk cases that require a surety to guarantee the defendant’s appearance in court. There are a number of surety bondsman in Austin and the surrounding areas. They routinely charge between 10% and 20% of the face value of the bond as a non-refundable fee for guaranteeing the bond. Bondsman also require that a defendant have a guarantor who is financially responsible in the event a defendant does not appear. If the person does not appear for court settings, both the defendant and the surety can be liable for the entire face amount of the bond. Attorneys in the State of Texas are also allowed to make surety bonds if they meet certain financial qualifications with the Sheriff’s office. Our office makes surety bonds for qualified defendants for an additional fee included in their fees for legal services.

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