Recent Case Summaries

5/2016 M.L.– Motion to Revoke Probation for failure to pay restitution & probation fees. Discharged from probation.

5/2016 A.L.– Defendant charged with Possession of a Prohibited Weapon in a protected place, 3rd degree felony. Reduced to Class A misdemeanor, plea bargain of time served 8 days.

5/2016 D.M.– Defendant charged with Failure to Register as Sex Offender, 2nd degree POCS, Engaging in Organized Crime, Tampering with Evidence and Burglary of Habitation. Plead to 4 years TDCJ on Sex Offender case & POCS, all other cases dismissed.

4/2016 J.F. - Defendant charged with 3rd degree POCS during traffic stop. Case dismissed.

4/2016 M.G.– Defendant charged with Assault & Motion to Revoke Felony Probation for robbery. Assault case dismissed, continued on probation w/jail condition.

4/2016 R.M.– Defendant charged with 3rd degree theft (has 10 prior theft convictions). Plead to 5 months TCJ, 12.44a

4/2016 R.T.– Defendant charged with DWI & Leaving the Scene of Accident x2. (has 15 prior felony convictions) Plead to DWI w/30 days TCJ and both leaving scene cases dismissed.

4/2016 A.J.– Defendant charged with 2nd degree DWI (with wreck). Plead 15 months probation.

4/2016 D.K.– Defendant charged with Terroristic Threat & felony Assault. (6 prior felony convictions, 3 prior assault convictions). Plead 3 years TDCJ.

4/2016 J.R.– Defendant charged with Securing Execution of Document by Deception ($15,000 loss) Reduced to misdemeanor theft, 2 years Deferred Adjudication.

3/2016 L.S.– Defendant charged with POCS x2 (meth & heroin) 3rd degree felony. Has prior arrests. Plead to reduced state jail felony 3 years TCJ and 2nd case dismissed.

3/2016 D.H.– Defendant charged with POCS cocaine (state jail) and POM. Defendant had just been released from state jail for prior conviction. Plead 12.44a, 30 days work release & 12:25 POM.

3/2016 B.E.– Defendant charged with UUMV. Car reported stolen two days before. Plead 12:44a, 90 days TCJ.

2/2016 C.M.– Defendant charged with Assault, struck victim with closed fist to face. Reduced to Class C assault, $200 fine.

2/2016 L.M.– Defendant charged with 2nd degree POCS (7gm mushrooms) and has 2 prior convictions. Plead to reduced state jail possession , 6 months state jail.

2/2016 S.B.– Defendant charged with felony DWI (5th) while on felony probation for prior DWI. Plead to 5 years probation.

2/2016 J. C.– Defendant charged with 2nd degree POCS (meth, 4 grams plus– gm cocaine) with enhancement for prior. Plead to reduced state jail felony, 6 months state jail.

1/2016 A.D.– Defendant charged with felony family violence & interfering with emergency call. Plead to reduced misdemeanor assault, time served.

1/2016 K.K.– Defendant went to acquaintance home who had been seeing his girlfriend. Fight in house, Defendant charged with Burglary with Intent to Commit Assault. 6 years deferred adjudication.

12/2015 S.A.– Defendant charged with Aggravated Assault w/Deadly Weapon/Family Violence with prior conviction. Police called after girlfriend called, small knife would on neck. Plead to reduced Class A misdemeanor Assault, 15 days in TCJ.

12/2015 M.G.– Defendant charged with Failure to Register as Sex Offender for one year. Dismissed.

11/2015 S.B.– Defendant high on drugs, broke into two cars and one house and fired a handgun into another house. Lengthy prior juvenile record. 8 years deferred adjudication.

11/2015 J.V.– Defendant passenger in vehicle attempting to pass a forged prescription. Small amount of cocaine found in open view in care. Case dismissed.

11/2015 C.H.– Defendant arrested for traffic violation, search revealed small amount of crack cocaine. Defendant attempted to eat evidence. Has 6 prior convictions. Tampering with Evidence enhanced to Habitual Offender. Plead to POCS, 1 yr State Jail, Tampering charge dismissed.

11/2015 J.T.– Defendant arrested for traffic offense and found to be driving stolen vehicle. Search after arrest revealed possession of cocaine and marijuana. Plead guilty to UUMV, 2 years deferred adjudication, both drug cases dismissed.

11/2015 L.N.– Defendant charged with felony Family Violence/Assault (strangulation). Girlfriend claimed she was struck and choked unconscious, witness saw assault. 3 years deferred adjudication.

11/2015 A.R.– Defendant charged with Burglary of Habitation. Victim reported TVs & tablet stolen. Police tracked tablet to Defendant's home and found tablet & TVs. 5 years deferred adjudication.

10/2015 J.T.– Defendant charged with Organized Crime-Burglary and Burglary of Vehicle of 4 cases. Has 5 prior arrests. 10 years deferred adjudication.

10/2015 D.M.– Defendant charged with theft and pawning over $4,000 of roommates property. Has 7 prior convictions. Possible habitual offender. Plead guilty, 2yrs TDCJ.

10/2015 M.M.– Defendant charged with possession of heroin after arrest for Burglary of Vehicle . Has lengthy prior arrests and convictions history. Plead guilty, 6 months state jail.

10/2015 N.L.– Defendant charged with Robbery & Assault of two females late night in Austin. 5 years deferred adjudication.

10/2015 L.W.– Defendant arrested for felony Family Violence, enhanced by 3 prior felony convictions. Plead 5 years probation.

10/2015 L.M.– Defendant arrested for Theft of Vehicle & POCS after traffic stop. 4 years deferred adjudication.

10/2015 C.G.– Defendant passed out in parking lot of fast food restaurant with car running at 11:30pm. Failed FSTs, .12 breath test. Case dismissed.

10/2015 A.C.– Defendant charged in POCS (meth) after traffic stop in Williamson County. Plead to reduced Attempted Possession Class A misdemeanor, time served.

9/2015 J.S.– Defendant charged with Assault/Family Violence, felony strangulation. Reduced misdemeanor assault, 1 year deferred adjudication.

8/2015 L.W.– Defendant charged with possession of marijuana on school grounds. 1 year deferred adjudication.

8/2015 E.S.– Defendant charged with Sexual Assault of Child of 12 yr old daughter. JURY TRIAL, not guilty of one count, guilty on 2nd count– 15 years TDCJ.

8/2015 E.S.– Defendant charged with POCS & Possession of paraphernalia after car stop– passed out in car. Case dismissed– pre-trial diversion.

7/2015 J.V.– Defendant charged with Forgery ($2,200 check stolen in burglary). Two prior felony convictions. Plead to 90 days TCJ, 12.44a.

7/2015 D.H.– Defendant charged with POCS and Evading/Failure to ID. Has prior felonies. Plead guilty to reduced POCS, 360 days 12.44a & misdemeanor case dismissed.

7/2015 P.P.– Defendant charged with Assault w/Bodily Injury in an altercation with neighbor. Prior assault conviction. 12 months deferred adjudication and husband's case (co-defendant) dismissed.

6/2015 R.D.– Defendant charged with POCS (meth) in Federal Court. Search warrant found 57gms meth & 2 guns (by convicted felon). Plea agreement to possession. Federal guidelines 121-151 months with recommendation of upward departure because of prior record. Sentence was 121 months.

6/2015 D.B.– Defendant charged with Evading Police and Reckless Driving. Cases dismissed.

6/2015 Q.H.– Defendant charged with Possession w/Intent to Deliver 8oz cocaine. Two prior convictions for 1st degree felony possession. 5 years deferred adjudication.

6/2015 L.W.– Defendant charged with Aggravated Assault/Family Violence for fight at home with victim who was assaulted with a broken bottle. Prior robbery conviction. Plead 180 days in TCJ.

6/2015 D.B.– Defendant on probation for Assault/Family Violence felony. Charged with UUMV enhanced. Plead to 9 months, 12:44a.

5/2015 C.B.– Defendant on probation for Aggravated Assault, prior POCS conviction. Charged with Aggravated Assault w/prior convictions. Plea of true to probation revocation, 2 TDCJ, felony assault case dismissed.

5/2015 L.E.– Defendant charged with Family Violence, enhanced & Retaliation. Has prior assault convictions. Plead to reduced Class A Assault, time served.

5/2015 X.T. - Defendant charged with Aggravated Assault after family argument & swinging knife at roommate. Reduced to Class A misdemeanor Assault, time served.

5/2015 D.H.– Defendant charged with Injury to Child after family fight when Defendant was highly intoxicated. Swung and hit 14 year old child. 5 years deferred adjudication.

5/2015 G.J.– Defendant charged with UCW, POCS (habitual x2) for 28gms meth. Plead to 5 years TDCJ.

5/2015 B.C.– Defendant had Felony Probation Revocation for felony assault plus possession of 1.3gms cocaine and marijuana. Possession cases dismissed, sentenced to 2 years TDCJ on assault case.

5/2015 S.T.– Defendant had Probation Revocation in Williamson County after being charged with DWI in Austin. Defendant admitted to DWI Court in Travis County, Motion to Revoke reduced to time served.

5/2015 D.S.– Defendant charged with DWI and Evading in Williamson County. Felony evading reduced to misdemeanor, DWI plea of 24 months probation.

4/2015 M.H.– Defendant charged with Failure to Stop and Render Aid after serious accident. 5 years probated.

4/2015 M.M.– Defendant charged with felony Theft, 3rd offense. Reduced to Class A misdemeanor, 1 year deferred adjudication.

4/2015 C.L.– Defendant on probation for DWI and charged with assault. Case dismissed and given deferred prosecution. Probation violation dismissed.

3/2015 D.B.– Defendant charged with POCS (heroin) 3 theft cases. 3 years deferred adjudication on heroin case, all other cases dismissed.

3/2015 M.O.– Defendant charged with misdemeanor POM, 2nd arrest in Williamson County. 12 months deferred adjudication.

3/2015 D.M.– Defendant charged with Forgery, POCS (meth). POM. 5 years deferred adjudication.

3/2015 G.B.– Defendant charged with Injury to Elderly. Plead to reduced resisting arrest, time served, felony dismissed.

3/2015 N.F.– Defendant charged with 3 counts Forgery and 2 POCS. 2 Forgery cases dismissed, one POCS dismissed and 5 years deferred adjudication on one POCS and one Forgery.

3/2015 D.S.– Defendant charged with 5th & 6th DWIs while on probation for DWI. One DWI reduced to misdemeanor, other DWI 5 years probation.

3/2015 C.V.– Defendant charged with Injury to Elderly for striking 67year old lady. Case dismissed.

2/2015 S.S.– Defendant charged with False Statement to Obtain Credit. Has 5 prior convictions. Case dismissed for deferred prosecution.

2/2015 A.P.– Defendant charged with hot checks. Dismissed.

2/2015 J.C.– Defendant charged with felony Theft, 3rd offense. Stole bail bike from UTPD. Reduced to attempted theft, 6 months state jail.

1/2015 T.B.– Defendant charged with Retaliation against police officer, threatens to punch officer. Reduced to misdemeanor retaliation. Pled, time served.

1/2015 E.V.– Defendant charged with DWI (2nd) with accident with two cars and then ran car into Walgreens store doorway, failed SFTs, .174 blood test with drugs in the car. Plea DWI probation.

1/2015– K.L.– Defendant charged with Aggravated Robbery. Defendant set up shotgun robbery of couple in their apartment and admitted helping with information given to triggerman. 8 years deferred adjudication.

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